hello all,

i m big hoper of hillary clinton becoming next president of usa, thereby contributing for better world & worldpeace

hillary has already good connections with all nations as she worked as american secretary-of-state (USA’s foreign minister), she even came to my current city chennai during her office of SOS

but, nowadays she is little inactive, sometimes i fear, she may become like former USA-president Calvin Coolidge, who opted out to run for presidency which is sure to win, he famously stated "I do not choose to run"



hillary, already has happy life, so sometimes she may think to opt out, becaz being american-president can give her lesser happiness & has lots of work & pressures, responsibilites

but, i humbly request her not to give up, never quit, for sake of better world & worldpeace, Look at problems of earth (wars, poverty, violence, etc) before quiting

In age of nukes, a woman american president can give a softer image for american-weapons, thereby a better worldpeace, a better USA-russia relations, better UNSC, better UN, etc etc

– M


“Capital which is very fundamental to understanding “capitalism”. Capital is just another term for “accumulated savings, stored in the form of money or other items of value”. Note the “or other items of value” – so it is possible for someone to have a lot of “capital”, yet have very little “money” – for example someone who owns a lot of land. Capital stored in the form of money or things that are easily converted to money, such as Gold, is called “liquid capital”, while capital stored in the form of things that are harder to convert to money, such as land, is called “illiquid capital”” – Sridhar Vembu

“Oruvan Oruvan Mudhalali Song" is my favorite from rajni,
"One who wonders about fate is a fool; the one who conquers it is intelligent.
விதியை நினைப்பவன் ஏமாளி அதை வென்று முடிப்பவன் அறிவாளி" – rajni ; natural-disasters are NOT fate, we can conquer it


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