my suggestion to all zoho friends including founders svembu, etc, plz change the name of zoho’s head office Estancia to "Amistad" – Amistad is zoho’s annual cultural event name, which also means friendship in europe, which is better name in general

war is young men dying, old men talking – troy2004 – so prevent deaths

Finance Minister of India – Arun Jaitley
chief financial officer of universal peace – nature universe

united nations general assembly (UNGA), is my primary offering, primary product, flagship offering for universal peace & better universe

apr25 is second founding-day of UN, birth of earth 4.5 billion yrs ago is real first founding-day of UN, oct24 is constitutional-founding-day of UN, but co-operation is more important than constitution, hence apr25 is more important than oct24 – On 25April1945, 50+ nations joined in first UN-conf in america

Automata2014, now in sony-pix, opening scene, solar-flare destroy earth, natural disasters are our #1 competitors –

Heroic Migrant Worker From Chennai Saves Toddler Dangling From A 2nd Floor Balcony In Singapore


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