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Lord Hunter: General, did you realize there were children – and women – in the crowd?
Gen. Dyer: I did.
Government Advocate: But that was irrelevant to the point you were making? Gen. Dyer: That is correct.
Government Advocate: Could I ask you what provision you made for the wounded? Gen. Dyer: I was ready to help any who applied.
Government Advocate: General, how does a child, shot with a .303 Lee Enfield, “apply” for help?

“We have removed your video entitled “Jallianwala Bagh massacre – gandhi 1982 film” uploaded at 12:33pm August 27th, 2015. This video may include copyrighted material (such as a clip or audio) that you do not have the right to share.”

‘Please be careful about videos you upload in the future. If they are identified as possibly containing copyright infringing material, they may also be removed. This could result in us temporarily or
permanently blocking your ability to upload videos, or permanently disabling your account.”

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