members of parliament post-2014, have double criminal-cases than previous members of parliament 2004 to 2014, yet they are working better in majority parameters like attendance, questions raised, debates, etc – this proves, even people without criminal-records can turn into good-people,
Conclusion – no one is bad in universe –

"The evidence has been falsified. lt’s impossible ! l never broke the Law ! l am the Law" – judge dredd 1995

"The innocent exist only until they inevitably become perpetrators… like you. Guilt and innocence… is a matter of timing" – judge dredd 1995

the difference between UN & everyone else is that, – In UN, there is written-rule that rights come from Gods, and purpose of organisation is just to secure those rights, UN is middlemen between Gods & citizens, UN-cofounder fdr spoke about gods in his four-freedom-speech 1941-jan-6


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