Dear All,

"God’s business" has been oldest-way & traditional-way to save/heal the world for many thousand yrs !

the no:1 problem in world is not natural-disasters or outer-space-universe killing lives (e.g earthquakes killing humans),

but earthlings killing other earthlings (e.g violence, wars), our ancestors/forefathers gave us rule-of-God to prevent these problems

the primary power has be to God with representation from all people in world (e.g united nations with membership from all nations in world), so that the private-individual-powers of mankind may not overtake god’s power, such system of govt can prevent majority problems, Lets work for it with continous improvement

happy bday to god ganesha for continued 24/7 helpline service to world-peace

- Manoj thansi

my dear zohocorp,

first of all, i want to clarify, i m permanent-employee of zohocorp

sridhar vembu said "companies can’t be killed by competition, they commit suicide", however, "outer space universe" have potential to kill entire-zohocorp, if we let that happen, then its suicide, so we got to work with everyone to save zohocorp, which is no:1 way to be its loyal-servant

today, i was totally shocked about beheading of journalist James Foley, i humbly request u to contribute more for world peace, already zohocorp had did lots of good-things, but we can do even more

- M


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