my dear zohocorp,

first of all, i want to clarify, i m permanent-employee of zohocorp

sridhar vembu said "companies can’t be killed by competition, they commit suicide", however, "outer space universe" have potential to kill entire-zohocorp, if we let that happen, then its suicide, so we got to work with everyone to save zohocorp, which is no:1 way to be its loyal-servant

today, i was totally shocked about beheading of journalist James Foley, i humbly request u to contribute more for world peace, already zohocorp had did lots of good-things, but we can do even more

- M

Dear All,

Raksha Bandhan is not just festival between brothers and sisters, but a celebration of brotherhood in general

Global-Brotherhood is best possible way for world-peace & Happy-World, Lets work for it

- Manoj


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