“Oruvan Oruvan Mudhalali Song" is my favorite from rajni,
"One who wonders about fate is a fool; the one who conquers it is intelligent.
விதியை நினைப்பவன் ஏமாளி அதை வென்று முடிப்பவன் அறிவாளி" – rajni ; natural-disasters are NOT fate, we can conquer it

dear all,

As we always say, religion & science are equally important to save the world

At the begining of third-world-war during "cuban missile crisis octobe 1962",

from http://www.papalartifacts.com/post/1220

"Kennedy, the first (and still so far the only) Catholic president, then sent a message to Pope John XXIII. After reading the president’s note, the pope drafted a message, copies of which were delivered to both the American and Soviet embassies.

The following day, John read his message on Vatican Radio. It said:

‘We beg all governments not to remain deaf to this cry of humanity. That they do all that is in their power to save peace. They will thus spare the world from the horrors of a war whose terrifying consequences no one can predict’

The next day, the Pope’s message appeared in newspapers all around the world, including Pravda, the official newspaper of the Soviet Communist party

Khrushchev, an atheist who was in the middle of a propaganda war with the Vatican, agreed to withdraw the missiles. (Kennedy also secretly agreed to withdraw American missiles from Turkey.)

Pope John’s role in the resolution of the Cuban missile crisis is often overlooked, but it was very important. It also helped move the world in a positive direction

Soviet and American leaders signed a nuclear test ban on July 25, 1963. President Kennedy called that “the first step down the path of peace.” The two nations also set up a “hot line” for emergency messages between Washington and Moscow

It was not known by the public at the time, but on September 23, 1962, just a month before he helped pull the world back from the brink of war, an X-ray revealed that Pope John XXIII was suffering from an advanced case of stomach cancer. He knew he was dying. He passed away on June 3, 1963"

i think, Pravda, Official Newspaper in Russia was key, Newspapers are printing-technology, its science

So, science of newspaper & religion of pope, together saved the world, both are equally important



- Manoj


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